Meta Comies is a decentralized social media platform with a built-in Marketplace which seeks to be the number one social networking platform globally by providing all user needs in an easy, non-boring and safe way. Below is a simplified description of how the platform works and it's most important features:

  • Registration / Login: Users will be able to register new accounts or login into existing accounts using their crypto wallets OR an email address and password. In the registration process, the user will be asked to choose a username which will be their profile user name metacomies.com/username and @metacomies email address, they will be also asked to name their first community and choose the privacy settings for it.
  • Communities: Users can create as many subcommunities as they need, each community will have it's own name, user profile, marketplace profile, @metacomies email account, finance section and privacy settings.
  • Finance section: In the finance section users will be able to buy and sell Meta Comies using credit cards and many other payment methods. They can also send money to any Meta Comies member using the @username, or to any supported walled using public wallet address. Users will be able to send payments in Meta Comies Coin or its equivalent in real currencies but the payment will be sent in Meta Comies Coin. The finance section comes with a built-in exchange platform so users will be able to exchange Meta Comies Coin from / to any other crypto asset.
  • Marketplace: Meta comies comes with a built-in marketplace where people can sell physical or digital items (including NFTs). We are working on making partnerships with many cargo companies to make global shipping and custom clearance more easier. Meta Comies is the only available payment method in the marketplace.

Open source

Meta Comies is an open source and the code will be published on GitHub when ready.


Respecting the users' privacy is the most important characteristic of this platform, no data will be collected. 


Create profiles and communities using real names or nicknames, be who you want whenever you want.

No ads forever

No annoying ads will be displayed on the platform, there will be some paid services to promote some products inside the marketplace without bothering the users.

Free forever

There are no subscriptions or registration fees on the platform, there is only 1% tax on buying, selling or sending payments using our cryptocurrency.

Built in Marketplace

We have designed a well categorized marketplace. Companies and individual users can create their own pages and sell their physical and digital products and services.


Below is a quick review for some of the platform features, please note that the review was made on a testing copy and not the original, some designs and features will be updated / added in the final version.

Meta Comies Coin

Meta Comies has it's own decentralized crypto asset to ensure the security, privacy and freedom of the users, users can use it to send payments or make purchases inside or outside MetaComies.com, below is the most important information about the coin.

Audit Whitepaper BSCScan Pancakeswap Poocoin DEX Tools (soon) CMC (soon) CG (soon)


Coin Name: Meta Comies.
Coin Symbol: MC.
Network: Binance Smart Chain.
Contract Address: 0x725e2ecf9a78a90ae62193d7ac5d4079c74ca06b.
Functions: No disable, blacklist or mint functions.
Tax: 1% on buying, 1% on selling transactions.


Total supply:
Airdrop: 1%
Presale: 60%
Public Sale: 30%
Team vesting: 9%


Road Map

Phase 1

Studying the idea and fill in the gaps.
Making the plan.
Building a small team.
Collecting information from some lawyers, shipping companies and customs clearance companies.

Phase 2

Building a beta version of the social media platform.
Building a beta version of the integrated Email system.
Building a beta version of the integrated user's finance section.
Building a beta version of the integrated marketplace.
Building a beta version of the integrated exchange system.
Building a beta version of the integrated local and global shipping system.

Phase 3

Create the crypto asset.
Audit report.
1% Airdrop to 1000 random wallets.
Presale on Pinksale.
Update the BSCScan profile.
CMC and CG listing.
Update Trust wallet profile.

Phase 4

Establishing an official company.
Hiring a specialized corporate lawyer.
Launching the platform without the possibility of new users registration and without shipping services.

Phase 5

Launching a public auction for 48 hours to sell usernames ( username@MetaComies.com and MetaComies.com/username), unsold usernames will be available for free to everyone.
Dividing the auction proceeds on our coin holders according to their holding percentages.
Enabling the users registration and launch the mobile apps.

Phase 6 (at 1M users)

Launching the Metaverse version.
Enabling the local and global shipping.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us on info@metacomies.com